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Mingma Nuru Excursions Pvt. Ltd.

G.P.O. Box: – 8651

Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: – 00977-1-16213659

Mobile: +977-9851061758

Fax: – 00977-1-4114097

Whatsapp Number: 0043 66499928664 / 977 9851061758

E-mail: –  [email protected]

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Booking Conditions

Booking for the trek in advance helps us to complete the formalities early so please contact us before you come to Nepal. Send 20% of the total cost of your trip in advance to Mingmanuru Excursions Pvt. Ltd.

Current Account No.: USD 019 01767310038


Himalayan Bank Limited, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

The rest of payment must be cleared before the trek starts.

Mingmanuru Austrian Handy number 0043-664-9546933

Thank you.